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B.O.S.S. Boot Camp

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B.O.S.S. Boot Camp

Building On Self Sustainability

Become the B.O.S.S ~ At a grassroots level! 


“B.O.S.S Boot Camp” is a 16-lesson course designed to help clients build the essential boot strapping, cash flow, and operational skills every aspiring entrepreneur needs at the beginning of their journey. Program targets the client’s quest to transition into entrepreneurship at a grassroots level. B.O.S.S Boot Camp asks fundamental questions to assist clients in-identifying their strengths, understanding their relationship with money, and destroying mental barriers that fuels failure as entrepreneurs.


Through structured guided group discussion, targeted role plays, and thought-provoking stories and activities, the B.O.S.S Boot Camp program challenges entrepreneurs at heart to examine how they will succeed in the real world of entrepreneurship. During the 6 weeks course, the client will learn hard skills of building a real business such as branding, sales, design, networking, communication, growth plan, client acquisition, hustling & pitch – but also soft skills that will prepare them mentally for the real challenges of the entrepreneurial life.