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B.O.S.S. Boot Camp

Building On Self Sustainability

Become the B.O.S.S ~ At a grassroots level! 


“B.O.S.S Boot Camp” is a 16-lesson course designed to help clients build the essential boot strapping, cash flow, and operational skills every aspiring entrepreneur needs at the beginning of their journey. Program targets the client’s quest to transition into entrepreneurship at a grassroots level. B.O.S.S Boot Camp asks fundamental questions to assist clients in-identifying their strengths, understanding their relationship with money, and destroying mental barriers that fuels failure as entrepreneurs.


Through structured guided group discussion, targeted role plays, and thought-provoking stories and activities, the B.O.S.S Boot Camp program challenges entrepreneurs at heart to examine how they will succeed in the real world of entrepreneurship. During the 6 weeks course, the client will learn hard skills of building a real business such as branding, sales, design, networking, communication, growth plan, client acquisition, hustling & pitch – but also soft skills that will prepare them mentally for the real challenges of the entrepreneurial life.



Pre-requisite: 2 hour Orientation;

Entrepreneurship – Do you have what it takes? An intensive conversation designed to build entrepreneurial muscle. 


The curriculum is divided into three parts, each focused on a different set of insights and skills needed to transition to the Entrepreneurship.


Module 1 – Beginning B.O.S.S:  Focuses on proven frame work to help entrepreneurs successfully launch businesses and cognitive awareness. Clients will learn how to values their business, analyze business products, services, and customer base. 


Lesson 1:     Successful Entrepreneurial Characteristics

Lesson 2:     Business Do’s and don’t

Lesson 3:     Legal is the only way

Lesson 4:     Entrepreneurship Concepts and Ideas

Lesson 5:     Sole Proprietor? Or LLC

Lesson 6:     What I wish I Knew (case study reviews)

Lesson 7:     Customer Are they always right?

Lesson 8:     Picking a Business Partner


Module 2 – Principals of B.O.S.S Operations:Focuses on fundamental tools and techniques of operations management, allowing the client to stand between sales and operations, whilst judging the difficult trade-offs needed to build and grow a profitable business.


Lesson 9:     Business Plans/Writing a “Finance-able” Growth Plan

Lesson 10:   Social Media Marketing and advertising

Lesson 11:Human Resources and personnel Issues

Lesson 12:Financial Management

Lesson 13:   Branding


Module 3 – B.O.S.S in Action:Focuses on fact that entrepreneurs are finding new ways to tackle common dilemmas. We like to call them game changers. This module teaches clients to develop innovative solutions. Help them to analyze all possible choices before making an impulsive decision. Skills and insights are applied to specific entrepreneurs-related situations.


Lesson 14:   Branding

Lesson 15:   Preventing Fraud & Business Securing

Lesson 16:   Government contracting Opportunities 

Lesson 17:   ABC of Small Business Leading



Final Evaluations will be a Networking and Pitch Event:

Client’s will provide a quick pitch of their business to our funders, community, community partners and angel investors.